Get to Know Michael Sanford

Michael Sanford, Realtor in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Specializing in Santa Fe Homes on Land

(505) 916-6644


Barker Realty
530 S. Guadalupe Street Santa Fe, NM 87501

As a kid, I loved real estate. The first thing I would do when my family went on vacation was to get a newspaper and check the land prices in the classifieds. I use the internet now, but the habit is still with me.

I bought my first lot in a land auction in Alaska when I was 23, and soon after got a job in construction so I could learn to build a cabin of my own. I’ve been buying and selling land and houses ever since.

I’ve used my background in residential construction to work as a real estate investor/house-flipper. In that business, I’ve seen many realtors in action from the client-side, and have a strong sense of what the consumer needs from an agent.

I believe the best agents are advocates for their clients and help manage the whirlwind of details that every transaction brings. Our job is not to sell houses, but to serve people.

In my free time, you might find me running the trails above Santa Fe, or in the art galleries around town. As an investor with a strong interest in architecture, I’m as happy talking about cash-on-cash return as I am innovative design.